Opal Clouds

€230,00 EUR
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Please allow up between 4 to 6 weeks for me to create the piece after receiving the ashes. Any unused ashes and any photo's, letters or stories you've send will be send safely back to you together with the piece. Shipping costs are free Worldwide. Packages will be shipped provided with a track&trace code. This code will be sent to you as soon as the package has been posted.

Because this is such an emotional product I always ship the package by registered mail. I use PostNL for both domestic (within The Netherlands) and international shipping. 

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Custom Colors

All color beads and rings are examples and standard colors we offer. If you would love to have a special remembrance in a different color feel free to contact me anytime. Think of the color of a lost loved one's eyes or the color of the fur of your beloved pet. All options are possible. Feel free to send me a foto and I will make some free samples for you.

Klarna Pay in 3, interest free

Klarna Pay in 3 means you can now spread the cost of your purchase over 3 equal payments for customers in the EU. The payment for each instalment will automatically be collected from the debit or credit card you used at checkout. Your first instalment will be collected when your order is confirmed and instalments 2 and 3 are then scheduled to be taken 30 and 60 days later, respectively.

Free Sample Service

If you have picked the color bead or ring encasement you would love, I am happy to make some samples for you. Let's find te perfect piece for you and your lost loved one or pet. Feel free to contact me anytime with the color of your choice and you will receive some samples though email within 5 working days.

Warranty & Returns

The pieces I make are very delicate. When you have received your package and discover that the piece – in spite of the special care for shipment – has been damaged.
Please email me all the details within 48 hours so I can help you further. 


Because what I do is very personal and sentimental, I want the wearer to love their piece. If you do not love your piece, please let me know as soon as possible so I can remedy the problem.

Returns can not be accepted since all pieces are custom made with personal belongings.

All the solid gold jewelry is custom made and I cannot issue any exchanges or refunds. All solid gold and custom made sales are final.


Do you also use other materials of my lost loved one if I don't have ashes?

If you don't have ashes of your lost loved one but still would like me to make a piece for you, I can also encase fabric, hair/fur or sand in all pieces to keep your memories close.

Can you also make a piece using pet fur and pet ashes?

Definitely, I consider it an honor to be able to help you remember all of your beloved pets in this way.

Is the color bead different than shown on the image?

The colors come out a slightly different color depending on the ash, the temperature, and the energy of the day. Each bead has some variation, as they are each handmade, but overall the colors are as shown on the picture. The design of the ash is largely dictated by the magic of the process.

Why do I see little air bubbles in my bead?

When working with ashes or hair in glass, there is a time period and temperature where all off the air / Carbon Enery inside the bone or hair fragments tries to escape.

This is the last air left inside your body after cremation. As unique as a fingerprint, they also call it 'The Last Breath'

Carbon Energy at its essence, is what we are all made of.
And this Energy never dies, just like our memories...

How durable are the beads?

All the beads will be annealed in a kiln, slowly cooling them for several hours to get the strain out. After this they can be dropped without breaking. Still I would ask you to still be carefull with your necklace since the silver or golden chain are delicate and the pieces are handmade. I also wouldn't recommend sleeping with it.

Avoid all contact with nail polish remover/rubbing alcohol, etc. Avoid prolonged contact with water (salt or fresh), sweat, heat and chemicals such as chlorine, sulfur, perfume, detergent and lotion.

If you take good care of them they will last a lifetime.

What kind of gold do you use?

If you order a golden collier, the collier. clasp and the core of the bead are 14k solid gold.
All golden rings are 14k solid yellow gold, white gold or rose gold depending on your wishes.

I do offer some gold-filled options, this will always be indicated with the piece.

If I don’t live in the Netherlands, can I still order?

Yes definitely. However, since every country has its own rules for shipping ashes, I do ask that you handle shipping the ashes to me.

I haven’t had any issues with individuals sending ashes to me – some people mark them as cremated remains on the outside of the package, others don’t. So far, they’ve all come through just fine. Don't forget to put your own address on the package as well, if the package doesn't make it through customs then at least you will receive everything safe back to you.

Do you have any sort of guarantee on your work?

The products I make are very delicate. When you have received your package and discover that the product – in spite of the special care for shipment – has been damaged. Please email me all the details within 48 hours so I can help you further.

Because what I do is personal and sentimental, I want the wearer to love their piece. If you do not love your piece, please let me know as soon as possible so I can remedy the problem.

All our solid gold jewelry is custom made and we cannot issue any exchanges or refunds. All solid gold and custom made sales are final.

Can you combine ashes and hair?

Definitely, the ashes and hair can either be mixed together or I can keep them separate, both on one side of the bead.

How much ashes or hair do you need to make a piece for me?

I only need 1/2 teaspoon ashes per bead, ashes that is not being used will be safely returned to you together with the piece between 5 business days and 4 weeks from the moment I am receiving the ashes.

For hair a need just enough so that you can hold between your index finger and thumb.

How do I know I won’t end up with someone else’s ashes or hair in my bead?

I take the utmost care in making sure that the materials are well cared for; I work in a very clean environment and I always use labels every step of the way to keep track of the ashes and make sure they don’t get mixed up with anyone else’s.

Because of the way the beads are made, the ashes or hair are safely contained within the finished bead, with no chance of “falling” or “spilling” out. If you look at the images in my webshop, you can see the ashes encased within the glass

It took me longer than expected to gather the ashes, will you still make my bead?

Yes, please do not worry about how long it’s been. I know that this is often a very difficult and emotional process for people to go through, which is why I don’t have any sort of “expiration date” on purchases.

I have received my ring and it doesn't fit, what do I do?

Please let me know as soon as you receive your piece that it does not fit you properly. All of our rings are sized out of the office and built in to the initial cost of your piece. Also when the material is encased in the ring the ring can not be soldered because of the heat. The original encasing has to be removed and will be newly made after resizing.

For this reason, any resizing that is the fault of the client will incur a re-sizing fee. For more information, please see my ring sizing statement below:

I always recommend that my clients visit a jeweler to obtain an accurate ring size as this is the best way to ensure the perfect fit of your ring. If you have placed your order and are unsure of your size, please let me know within 24 hours of placing.

The seventh sea

Cremation jewelry

Cremation jewelry, also known as memorial jewelry, is a beautiful and meaningful way to remember a loved one. Our collection of cremation jewelry is crafted with high-quality Italian glass and is designed to hold a small amount of ashes, a lock of hair, or other sentimental items. The jewelry is a subtle and personal way to keep the memory of your loved one close to your heart. Our collection includes a variety of styles, from classic and elegant to modern and unique, so you can find the perfect piece to suit your taste. Whether you're looking for a necklace, a pendant, a ring, or a pair of earrings, we have the perfect piece of cremation jewelry to honor your loved one. Browse our collection today and find the perfect way to remember the special person in your life.

In addition to our collection of cremation jewelry for human loved ones, we also offer a range of pet cremation jewelry. Losing a pet can be just as devastating as losing a human family member, and our pet cremation jewelry is a special way to honor and remember your beloved companion. The jewelry is designed to hold a small amount of your pet's ashes, a lock of fur, or other sentimental items. Our pet cremation jewelry collection includes a variety of styles, from minimalist glass beads to an unique and one of a kind Geode Collection. Whether you're looking for a way to remember a cherished dog, cat, or other beloved animal, we have the perfect piece of pet cremation jewelry for you. Our collection is a perfect way to honor your furry friend and keep their memory alive.