the process


I would like to start by saying that if you are here, I am deeply sorry for your loss...

I will cherish and honor your lost loved one or pet while I make their memorial and I will strive to make the ordering process as easy as possible.

Place your order on the website or feel free to contact me first to discuss the color options. International orders can get free samples of colors through mail and customers based in The Netherlands I can send the samples through post.

If you don't have ashes of your lost loved one or pet but still would like to make me a bead for you, I can also use pieces of fabric, hair, fur or sand from your loved one's favorite places. The ordering and sending process will be the same.


Once you have placed your order, I will send you an email with information on where and how to send the materials. 
This email could end up in your spam folder.

As every country has its own set of rules on shipping ashes, you will need to arrange your own shipping to send the ashes to me.

You can send me about ½ teaspoon of ashes for each bead or a good piece of hair that you could hold between your thump and index-finger. While creating more than jewelry, the spirit is cherished throughout the process so please feel free to send me any photo, letter, or story about your loved one or pet.  


Once I have received your package I will always let you know personally that it has arrived safe en sound.

Your item will be hand sculpted. The ashes or other material you may have sent me will be hand mixed with the glass and fired into the bead. Each item is made separately in a clean environment. Remained ashes or other materials and any photo, letter or story you've sent with the ashes will be safely returned to you.


After I receive your package/envelope I will send you the order via PostNL in approximately 10 business days till 4 weeks depending the item you will order. 

I will always send the package by signature / registered mail.

All items are hand sculpted. It should be expected that the shapes, sizes and colors will have slightly different characteristics from the photo, ring to ring and bead to bead. No two items will or should be identical.

​Any other questions may be answered in the FAQ and if you have any other questions feel free to contact me anytime.