Our Island

'our dearest husband, father and granddad suddenly passed away a few years ago, but it feels like yesterday to all of us... He always loved to go with us to a hidden beach on the island Tenerife were we live, this was our special place were we came a lot with the family. This beach is also the place were his ashes remain now. Linda created 3 beautiful necklaces for me, my daughter and her daughter in the colors of the ocean and his eyes. Encased our necklaces some gorgeous black sand of the beach we have so many memories together. I am so grateful to have this to connect our family and being connected this way to him and the memories we have together, it gives us warmth.'

Family Yanez


'my beloved sister who passed away recently always wore a gorgeous silver moonstone ring, she got buried with this ring that meant zo much to her. To remember her I asked The Seventh Sea to make a silver necklace for me in the color of her moonstone ring and it's perfect. The necklace makes me think of all the memories I have with my adventurous sister and all the memories she made in her life. I will tell her stories forever to my kids and grandkids. Thank you Linda for making this piece for me, I will treasure it forever'

P. Visscher

Ode to Browny

'Thank you for the beautiful necklace you made with the fur from my rabbit Browny that past away. I'm very happy with the color and the size of the bead you made. The delivery was very fast. I really love it!'

T. Wolters

Veel belangstelling

Afgelopen vrijdag was het eindelijk zo ver: we hebben de kettinkjes omgedaan op de dag dat mijn man en ik 50 jaar getrouwd zouden zijn.

We zijn er alledrie erg blij mee. Bedankt voor je meedenken en je belangstelling bij het ontstaan ervan.'

J. Suur


Wat ontzettend mooi. Ik ben er echt heel erg blij mee!
Wat een mooi, waardevol werk lever je af!  Dankjewel. 

Y. van het Slot


'A very special product that is made with lots of love, care and patience by Linda. And with special attention to the story behind the deceased. In my case my mother... Linda thinks along to make the chain as perfect as possible and involves you in the whole process. I absolutely recommend The Seventh Sea for those looking for a subtle and particular memorial jewelry of their deceased loved one.'

L. Kroon

Fine & Unique

'A few years after a loved one had passed away I felt the urge to find something very special that would honor his memory through his ashes. I've looked into different kinds of memorial jewelry but never found something as special as these beautiful memorial beads! I love the thought and love that she put into the bead, it's personal and unique. It was an emotional moment receiving it and wearing it for the first time. Throughout the whole process, Linda was very friendly and respectful regarding my wishes. I wear the bead with pride, it's color is absolutely lovely, magical and I am grateful that I now have the opportunity to wear my loved one close to me with grace.'

E. Stichling

To celebrate love

'I asked the Seventh Sea if it was possible to make a necklace with the sand of the place my fiancé asked me to marry him.

 This is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been in my life. I felt so blessed to be there with the love of my life and wanted to have a daily reminder to this very moment. A celebration of life and love which I can cherish forever.

The Seventh Sea made a beautiful necklace with the colors of nature and with sand encased of our special place. My daily reminder to celebrate life and to make the most of it.'

E. Hullegie

Subtile & Feminine

I am very grateful for Linda who managed to make a beautiful necklace with the ashes of my boyfriend. This way I can always carry him close to me.

With many other commemorative jewelry the visibility is a bit too much. I just wanted something subtle, something special, that not everyone has.

The necklaces are very subtle and trendy and available in many custom colors. The contact with Linda is very personal and she had a lot of respect for you, your lost loved one and your story.'

P. Dankelman